We can make all our regular size pizzas with a gluten-free base for a small extra charge. Please note that the pizza will still be cooked in the same pizza oven and there will be a risk of cross contamination, in other words this option is unsuitable where there is a potential severe allergic reaction. 

We make two sizes, regular which is circa 24 cm (9.5 inches)

and large which is circa 28cm or (11.5 inches).

Try our new High Line pizza, it's addictive :-)

High Line     11.75 / 15.75

Spicy Italian N'duja Pork Sausage, buffalo mozzarella, 
artichoke Hearts and fresh oregano

Chorizo Sausage Pizza   11.50 / 15.95

Spanish chorizo sausage & tangy Peppadews
(marinated baby sweet peppers), mozzarella
and feta cheeses

Chinese Duck Pizza 11.50 / 15.95

Barbecued Peking Duck, spring onion,
cashew nuts, hoisin sauce [Contains Nuts]

SoHo 10.95 / 15.25

Fresh spinach, garlic, black olives,
feta & mozzarella cheeses, drizzled with olive oil

NoHo 10.95 / 15.25

Spinach and pepperoni sausage
with mozzarella & feta cheeses.

Parma Ham & Rocket Pizza 11.50 / 15.95

Parma ham, fresh basil, chopped tomato, rocket,
goat’s cheese, mozzarella and hand grated parmesan

Barbequed Chicken 10.95 / 15.25

Chicken, red onion, pineapple pieces,
mozzarella cheese and barbeque sauce

Chicken Fajita Pizza 11.25 / 15.75

Chicken, red onion, green peppers, guacamole
and a sweet chili & tomato sauce.

Texas Chicken Pizza 11.50 / 15.95

Citrus & honey marinated chicken, oven roasted red onion,
green pepper, mozzarella cheese
and a mildly spicy tomato sauce with crème fraïche.

San Francisco Calzone 11.75

Stuffed pizza filled with spinach, black olive,
roasted sweet pepper, red onion, tomato sauce and
a blend of mozzarella and goat’s cheese. Served with a green salad.

TriBeCa Prawn Pizza 11.50 / 15.95

Tiger Prawns, roasted sweet peppers, red onion,
garlic, roasted courgette, coriander, mildly spicy tomato sauce

Spanish Harlem 10.95 / 15.25

Pepperoni, sun-dried tomatoes, coriander and
a blend of mozzarella and goat's cheese

Smokey Joe Pizza 11.50 / 15.95

Bacon, smoked sausage & chicken, smoked

and mozzarella cheeses, smoky barbeque sauce

The Italian 10.95 / 15.25

Smoked bacon, spring onion & baby potato on
mozzarella cheese with a basil pesto sauce

Special 11.25 / 15.75

Pepperoni, ham, salami, smoked sausage, red onion,
mushroom, sweetcorn, pineapple, green peppers,
mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce

Vegetarian Special 11.25 / 15.75

Mushroom, green peppers, pineapple, red onion,
roasted sweet peppers, sweetcorn, garlic,
mozzarella and tomato sauce

Chicago Calzone 11.75

This half-moon calzone is filled with ham, pepperoni, salami,
mushroom, pineapple, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.
Served with a green salad.